The navel is a critical part of the human body. Our navel is the centre of our full body. The Manipur Chakra is situated here. We get nutrition from the umbilical cord attached to our navel inner the womb of our mother. After the navel is displaced many problems appear inside the body like ... abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, Calf muscles and pain in the leg, indigestion, digestive disorders, gas etc. So Navel Displacement is harmful to our bodies. When this problem carries on for a long time then the person becomes weak. The reason behind the displacement of the navel can be expected to lift heavy luggage, running fast, bending suddenly, a sudden twisting or bending moment, going up & down stairs, etc. If this problem is not treated on time then it can cause many more disorders. So, it's crucial to maintain the balance of the navel chakra. Most of them don't consider Navel Displacement as an issue but when the navel shifts towards one side of your body, it affects the other side of the body. It causes stiffness in the kidneys and intestines, it causes pain, and tension in the lower part of the body. It influences the pancreas, spleen and even kidney.

Detect navel displacement: This may be exposed by a string to Measure the gap from both nipples of the chest to the navel Centre for gents and from the big toe of both feet to the navel centre for ladies. If there is a difference between the distance of these two measurements it indicates that the navel is displaced. another method is by placing fingers and thumbs collectively on the level after lying down on a blank stomach to feel the pulse. If the pulse is not felt in the centre of the navel but felt above, below or on sides the navel is displaced. 

Yoga can also help you when the navel Displacement. The navel is considered the centre of the body as per Yoga and Ayurveda. Prana mudra enhances and regulates, activates the life force within us. Pranama mudra can therefore be useful to heal affairs like navel displacement and any other problems detailed to the stomach. If you have digestion problems and need to better your gut health, you can perform this mudra. Prana mudra when done in an equitable manner regulates your pulse and centres it. Prana Mudra means “energy of life” in its own self. There is no accurate time for performing this Asana/Mudra. However, it is perpetually optional to perform this Mudra in privacy. Performing this Mudra in a quiet room arouses the senses. Like this simple available technique when you need a bit further balance plus easiness. The mystery for this is Pran mudra.Sit in a convenient meditative posture, i.e. Padmasana, Siddhasana, Vajrasana or Sukhasana. If one is not able to sit in each of the above Yogasana, then it can be practised seated over a chair too. Gently close the eyes and the whole body should be accurately relaxed.You can also lie down on your back and perform this mudra.